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Merry and Blessed Christmas!

God so loved the world . . .”  (John 3:16a)

God loved the world in this way:  God took on flesh to become one of us in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.  Jesus lived our lives, died our death, and rose to save us from sin and death.  I’m writing this on Christmas Day and reflecting on the world that God loves.

There is plenty of bad news, and I don’t even need to list it for anyone to know what we are bombarded with in the media every day – throughout the day.  What is the GOOD news?

For me, it’s the spirit of generosity that we see at Christmas, and not only at Christmas, but all year long.  It’s the caring and love that people show to others, even complete strangers.  It’s the baskets full of food donations at the two churches I serve.  Every Sunday as part of their offering, people bring in some non-perishable item that is taken to the nearby food pantry.  It’s the ways in which people stop to help someone else without expecting anything in return.

Christ is still in this world that God loves so much.  Christ still works through those of us who believe his teachings and seek peace, love, joy, and offer hope even when the situation seems hopeless.  So, in spite of the horrible things that are going on in some parts of our world, Christ is still at work.  Our job is to try to make a difference, to be peacemakers, to give a helping hand, and to offer the love of Christ to each other and others.

Merry Christmas!


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